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Principles of Computerized Tomographic Imaging
arrow An electronic copy of the classic text on Tomographic Image Reconstruction by Avinash Kak and Malcom Slaney. Individual chapters are available as pdf files (some are quite large). Beware this is an advanced text. 

Tutorial: Imaginis Instrument - CT Transformer Tester
arrow Questions and answers style tutorial on CT provided by The Breast Health Resource 

Presentation: Basic Principles of CT Scanning
arrow Presentation on the basics of CT, provided by Julia Carden.

Covered topics include; Basic Principles of CT Scanning, Construction of a CT scanner, In practice, Data acquisition, Projections, m to CT number, CT number flexibility, CT number window, CT image, Scanner generation, Detector type, Number of detectors, Number of projections, High voltage v low voltage

Presentation: CT Scans - The Principles
arrow Presentation on the basics of CT, provided by Craig Douglas.

Topics covered include; General Information, The Process , Scanner , Image Formatting , Voxels and Pixels , CT Numbers, Image Display, Windowing, Image Quality, Noise, Artifacts, Radiation Dose, Dose Distribution

E-Book: Principles of Computerized Tomographic Imaging
arrow Electronic book in .pdf format by Avinash C. Kak and Malcolm Slaney. 

Institution: CT is Us
arrow “CT is us” is created and maintained by The Advanced Medical Imaging Laboratory (AMIL). AMIL is a multidisciplinary team dedicated to research, education, and the advancement of patient care using medical imaging with a focus on spiral CT and 3D imaging. A lot of documentation including lectures are available. 


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