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Collapse Volume RenderingVolume Rendering
1.1 Volume Rendering
1.2 Volumetric Data
1.3 Voxels and cells
1.4 Problems Associated with Volume Rendering
Collapse Optimization in VROptimization in VR
2.1 Basics of Optimization
2.2 Task and data decomposition
2.3 Software-based algorithm optimization and acceleration
2.4 Parallel and distributed architectures
2.5 Commercial graphics hardware
2.6 Special purpose hardware
Collapse FrameworkFramework
3.1 Introduction
3.2 The Pipeline
3.3 Specification of an Arbitrary 3D View
3.4 Ray Template
3.5 Shading Choosing the Right DSP Processor
Collapse Choosing the Right DSP ProcessorChoosing the Right DSP Processor
4.1 Digital Signal Processing
Expand 4.2 Choosing the Technology 4.2 Choosing the Technology
Expand 4.3 Choosing the Processor 4.3 Choosing the Processor
Expand 4.4 TMS320 DSP Product Review 4.4 TMS320 DSP Product Review
Expand 4.5 TMS320C5000 Platform Overview 4.5 TMS320C5000 Platform Overview
4.6 TMS320C2000 Platform Overview
Expand 4.7 TMS320C6000 Platform Overview 4.7 TMS320C6000 Platform Overview
4.8 Medical Applications of C67x
4.9 Compiler Interface
Collapse ImplementationImplementation
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Source Code