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Publish or Perish
Publish or Perish 

Publish or Perish is a software program that retrieves and analyzes academic citations. It uses Google Scholar to obtain the raw citations, then analyzes these and presents the following statistics:

Total number of papers
Total number of citations
Average number of citations per paper
Average number of citations per author
Average number of papers per author
Average number of citations per year
Hirsch's h-index and related parameters
Egghe's g-index
The contemporary h-index
The age-weighted citation rate
Two variations of individual h-indices
An analysis of the number of authors per paper.

The results are available on-screen and can also be copied to the Windows clipboard (for pasting into other applications) or saved to a variety of output formats (for future reference or further analysis). Publish or Perish includes a detailed help file with search tips and additional information about the citation metrics. Anne-Wil Harzing welcomes user feedback to help her improve the program.


TUBITAK - The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey 

International Academic Network and Information Center
ULAKBIM aims at providing technological facilities such as computer networks, information technology support, and information and document delivery services, to meet the information requirements of universities and research institutions, and to increase the efficiency and productivity of their end users.

ULAKBIM consists of National Academic Network Unit, which undertakes the task of formation of academic network infrastructure in Turkey, and Cahit Arf Information Center, which provides information and document supply services nationwide.


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